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Be the hammer
Seeking for a breakthrough in sales?

Only with the right sales concept, the breakthrough to the lasting success is achieved.

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Who can benefit?


Your long-term business success is shaped by the sales results.
Master existing and future challenges.
Achieve a breakthrough with your sales performance.

I differentiate my commitment into three entrepreneurial success groups:

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My role and approach

My Role

I built my role as a sparring partner, inspirer, trainer and if necessary, I perform as an interim manager as well.

The Goal

The goal is to create the competences in sales comprehensively so that my commitment is needed for a limited time.

The Advantage

Take advantage of my broad practical experience, my skills and my international competence network today.


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How it works?


Ready to make your sales the main thing?

Non-binding initial consultation.

Determination of position / definition of objectives.

Design of the implementation concept.

Implementation phase.

Follow-up Process.

Step out.

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About me


+30 years of entrepreneurial activity.
Different industries and markets.
Field and corporate experience.
International Competence Network.

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Try me


Describe your current situation to me and I will be happy to give you feedback.
Without obligation.

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